What We Do

The Truth and Titus Collective facilitates learning that equips institutions to become more equitable. Through interactive sessions, we create conditions that prompt organizations/institutions to transform their institutional culture from status quo to proactive equity. We have a trusted format that allows for unique flexibility with each client system, ensuring that the work we do with organizations/institutions is tailored to their needs.  We seek to embody and elevate adaptability, accountability, and healing in our work. We cultivate brave space where people feel safe enough to risk authenticity, vulnerability, and growth.


Through trainings on equity, implicit bias, socialization, privilege, white supremacy culture, oppression, and liberation, we begin exploring an organization’s culture, history, and current gaps in treatment and services. We help you identify where you are without blame or shame. We help you identify where you want to be and create action steps to embed equity into your daily work and organizational purpose.

Our Approach

The Truth and Titus Collective is emergent, interactive, intersectional, and collaborative in our approach to the work of facilitating transformation at the individual and institutional levels. In our trainings we support participants in connecting with mind, body, spirit, history, and community. We seek to embody and elevate adaptability, accountability, and healing in our work. We aspire to cultivate brave space where people feel safe enough to risk telling our truths to each other and not running away from difficult conversations when we're challenged. Our model does not shy away from prompting the cognitive dissonance and discomfort necessary to sustain equitable change. Every step of the way--both inside and outside of formal training--we offer compassion and support.

We Recommend


Sessions that

  • approach the work of equity from strength

  • equip leaders with the skills to champion this work throughout their organization for the long haul

  • require leadership to do their internal work around power and privilege

  • prepare leaders for the internal and external impacts of committing to equity at the institutional level


Sessions that

  • are dedicated to embodying equity in all lines of work within an organization

  • equip employees to bring equity into their daily analysis, practices and relationships with colleagues and clients


Sessions that allow leadership and staff to communicate, with the help of T&T, about topics that may be challenging or may disrupt the current hierarchy of power within the organization


We require that after the leadership has participated in the learning sessions, leaders participate in coaching sessions as a way to gain support in guiding the organization through the equity learning journey