The Truth and Titus Collective is a for-profit organization. We are intentional about having the autonomy to do our work in the way that best serves our clients and with the freedom that comes with relying on our own financial sustainability. Our pricing has been designed to be as equitable as possible (see our pricing page), which means that we may do work for organizations who need financial support. When you donate, you are giving a gift that helps fill the gap for organizations who want to do equity work but may need financial support. Donations also help support community programming scholarships. Please click here to donate* via Patreon.

If you wish to donate directly, you can mail a check to The Truth & Titus Collective:

The Gathering Place

Attn: The Truth & Titus Collective

765 Upton Ave.

Springfield, MI 49037

*Financial gifts to for-profit organizations are not tax-deductible.