Our Approach

The Truth and Titus Collective is emergent, interactive, intersectional, and collaborative in our approach to the work of facilitating transformation at the individual and institutional levels. In our trainings we support participants in connecting with mind, body, spirit, history, and community. We seek to embody and elevate adaptability, accountability, and healing in our work. We aspire to cultivate brave space where people feel safe enough to risk telling our truths to each other and not run away from difficult conversations when we're challenged. Our model does not shy away from prompting the cognitive dissonance and discomfort necessary to sustain equitable change. Every step of the way--both inside and outside of formal training--we offer compassion and support.

We Offer

multi-session learning series for leadership and staff groups, supported by wraparound services

Group Discussion

for clients who desire learning around a particular topic: LGBTQ+ inclusion, healing for People of Color, etc.

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- monthly caucus

- writing groups

- workshops

- connecting with other anti-oppression work

People During Workshop

one-on-one or small group sessions to support your personal journey toward equity and inclusion