The Truth & Titus Collective is pleased to provide personal and professional coaching. In fact, it is part of our capacity-building model that after the leaders of an organization have participated in learning sessions, they follow up with coaching as a way to gain support in guiding the organization through the equity learning journey. In addition, we offer coaching on an a la carte basis for other staff and employees connected to our client systems as well as community members seeking coaching on their own. 


We coach individuals, pairs, or small groups. Coaching can help you work through new feelings, conflicts, goals, struggles, and so on that come with really digging in to equity work. Pair coaching is often used to help people who work closely together, such as two people who jointly lead a team, to navigate their interpersonal dynamics or develop strategies for leading others effectively. Small group coaching may be appropriate for a whole department or a committee. 


Please follow this process if you are interested in working with one of our coaches: 


Complete this form, which asks some basic information about who you are, your coaching needs, your preferred coach(es), and who the relevant contacts are for billing.

T&T staff will review your responses and contact the coach we think best fits your needs. (This will most likely be one of the people you named, but on occasion we may need to select a different coach. If this happens, we will reach out to you to for a conversation.)

Once we have mutually settled on the appropriate coach, T&T staff will connect you directly with with your coach so you can schedule your own sessions together.

The coach will inform T&T of your arrangements, and T&T will invoice the appropriate contact person at your organization. Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that your organization is willing to pay for the coaching services you have scheduled. 

You and your coach are free to begin meeting as soon as the above arrangements have been made! 


Coaching Fee Schedule*

  • Individual Sessions: $125/hour

  • Pair Sessions: $175/hour

  • Group Sessions: $200/hour

*We are sometimes able to offer coaching scholarships for individuals in the community. Please complete the interest form even if you aren't able to pay full price.