About Our Name

We aspire to take up the legacy that Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) and Frances Titus (1816-1894) left in Battle Creek. As four women of different races with the goal of achieving equity for all people and communities in Battle Creek, we consider them (Truth and Titus) chosen ancestors in this place and time. From Truth and Titus we have learned the importance of working toward political goals from sisterhood solidarity, in faith. From them we have learned the importance of using the access we have--to resources and communities--for the liberation of marginalized groups. From them we have learned how important it is to take care of each other even as we work toward what may seem impossible on the surface.


We commit to having our work be grounded in their legacies. When we lose our way, or get frustrated, we will return to them for energy and staying power. We promise to tell their stories every time we start a new client, to keep their memory alive and build on the power of who they were/are. We promise to take a percentage of our money and donate it to the Sojourner Truth Institute as a form of reparations. We promise to remain open to learning more and more about these pioneering women who literally blessed the ground that we now walk on. As we do the work of intersectional equity at the institutional level here in Battle Creek and beyond, we know they are the ancestors we most need, and this is why we claim their names.

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Read "Sisterhood Solidarity" by T&T's very own EJ to learn more about their remarkable partnership.